Air New Zealand / TV Commercial

Air New Zealand



The shift signifies a pivotal moment for the airline as it embarks on the next stage of its own journey, setting its sights on the future and redefining its role in shaping the travel aspirations of its customers. The new campaign encapsulates Air New Zealand’s dedication to empower New Zealanders to dream big and broaden their horizons. Air New Zealand general manager brand and marketing Jane Anthony says the campaign marks a fresh approach for the airline: “The new brand direction embodies the spirit of adventure, curiosity, and the limitless possibilities that travel brings. It is a celebration of the unique Kiwi mindset that embraces the idea that, no matter where you start, you can go on an incredible adventure.” The heart of the campaign lies in the enchanting narrative of a father-daughter duo whose bedtime story transforms into a mesmerising journey around the globe. The storyline unravels the magic hidden within the travel journey, inspiring viewers to see the world through a new and imaginative lens.

Client / Air New Zealand

Agency / Bastion Shine

Production / The Sweet Shop

Director / Mark Albiston

DOP / James L Brown

Editor / Liam Bachler

Online / The Machine Room

VFX Supervisor / Mark Williams

Comp / Stu Bedford

CGI / Danger Ltd.