Title Sequence

A Short film by Mark Albiston

Fourteen-year-old Matt takes his dad’s yellow Datsun for one last wild joyride with his best buddy and kid brother in tow.


Matt is your typical angst ridden fourteen-year-old boy. It’s just his Mum, Jo, and
little brother Artie in the house after their Dad died, so Matt is often called the
man of the house. Matt sets off when he learns of Jo’s plans to sell her deceased husband’s Datsun.
Matt had always thought it would be his when he was old enough to drive, something
his Dad promised him. Jo tasks Matt with babysitting Artie while Jo goes on a
date, but he has other plans. Matt recruits his best friend, Howie and they take
the Datsun on what might be their first and last joyride.


They have beer, the coolest car, plus, Artie makes all the girls swoon. Matt gets
a moment with his crush, Elise in the Datsun but is stricken with a panic attack
when he has the opportunity to kiss her. The car has turned on him, and he needs
to get out.


Dad’s Car
The weight of his Dad’s car, the prospect of confronting Jo, the beer, the attention
of Elise all make Matt go wild. He drives home recklessly, wild and feral, capturing
the attention of a local cop.


The Cop
The Cop pulls in and Jo attempts to stop the Cop from entering further. In the
background, Matt snaps. Everything he’s been feeling comes to the surface,
especially the lie they’ve been living about the death of his Dad.




Co Writer : J. Patrick McElroy
Producers: @anishorriblis & @galgreenspan
Production Company: @sweetshop_green
In Association with @nzfilm
DOP: @martyjwilliams
Stylist: @kate_ruth
Designer: @josephleary
Editors: @mrlukehaigh @markalbiston

Matt: Mickey Reddish @mickeyreddish
Howie: Billy R McCarthy @billy.rmc
Artie: Tate Harrow
Elise: Ashley Harnett
Jo: Marion Prebble @mashopreb
Barry: Eryn Wilson @erynz

Casting Director: Adrian Dentice
Street Casting: @rickyrussell.wai
Location Manager: Barry Smith
Production Manager: @paddycompter
1st AD’s: Katie Hutchinson & Mario Mendoza
Stills: @tammy_williams_nz
Drone OP: sampeacocke , Ryan Haste
Stunts: @markharrisstunts
Key Grip: @oliolioliolioliolioliolioli
Best Boy: Mike Reihana
Gaffer: @forminfo
Location Sound: Ant Nevison, Greg Moon & Jake Slaney
Car Wranglers: Mike Tripp, Damian Cahill
Wardrobe Assist: @sjblakeart
Make Up: Natalie Perks
Casting Wellington: Rachel Bullock
Sound Post Facility: @nativeaudio
Sound Design: @nativeaudio Nick Buckton @bicknuck
Sound Dialogue Editor :Jordan Smith
Additional Sound Design: David Liversidge
Sound Post Facility: @nativeaudio
Music Composition @arliliberman
Grade, Conform: Images and Sound
Colourist: Alana Cotton
Titles: Mark Williams and Dylan Pharazyn
Online: Images and Sounds
VFX Artists: Stu Bedford, Liam Bachler, Studio Local, Pete Circuitt & Images and Sound.
Massive Thanks to: @imagezone , Images and Sound, Simon Howard, Laura Jane, Amelia Bardsley, Gareth Moon, Radiate Studios, @thesweetshopfilms