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In camera transition effect

As Manhattan's hustle blurs, a yellow taxi dances past with a playful honk. Eva's bed rocks gently before flipping to reveal the grandeur of an NBA court. Shoes squeak as Stephen Adams uses the bed to hoist himself into the air for a jaw-dropping intercept/Slam dunk...


The 3D previsualization of the in-camera transition effect is a way to convey the immersion into the onset environment. Rooted in a real-world scenario, it pre-visualizes the practical effects that will be created on the shoot day. This approach to practical in-camera effects not only adds authenticity to the shot but also further engages the viewer with the story. By embracing these practical effects and enhancing them with cgi, we aim to create a seamless and engaging experience allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the narrative being crafted.

Set Layout

The set design for this shot incorporates a transition element based on a specifically engineered rigged floor. This innovative addition gracefully rotates on its axis, elegantly moving both toward and away from the camera, providing a dynamic and visually captivating element for the transition between the two scenes. The accompanying still images below aim to illustrate the general layout of the set pieces, shedding some light on the planning and engineering that brought about this approach. By mixing practical in-camera effects enhanced by visual effects in the post production process,

It's our hope that these glimpses into the creative process will help to convey the practicality of the design along with the visual engagement of the in-camera transition effect.